blankRod Eichhorn is a process practitioner. He believes there is a better way to sell against price and is sharing his expertise with others. Rod teaches companies how to transition their sales process from selling against price to penetrate Fortune 500 companies at a Director and Vice President level. Learn how others have had success with Sellonomics in multiple industries with extremely price driven competitors. See what Rod has accomplished over his career overcoming some tough selling environments. Read full bio >

Dynamic sales process that systematically improves the sales organization.

Learn about all of Rod’s 10 fundamentals that will transform your sales process. He shares the fundamentals that have generated millions for each one of his customers. Watch video >

blankAre you looking for breakthrough ways to shorten and improve the sales process?

Rod is all about performance! He wakes up looking for the next sales challenge so he can solve his client’s problems and account challenges. If you are finding it more difficult to break into new accounts and overcome barriers to gain new business… then check out the sales tips and blogs and the videos under the sales coaching button. Learn more >

blankTransform your sales force to sell against price.

Rod is a down in the trench sales coach. He goes out into the field with sales people to literally take them through the new fundamentals to be successful the first time out of the box. He is a dynamic speaker that can hold the audience’s attention with action oriented and proven sales processes that work… in any market. Learn more >
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