How to Remedy Poor Sales Performance in a Price-Driven Market

Poor sales performance often has several root causes, and therefore often difficult to pinpoint and remedy. This challenge calls for sales people to consider: Which are the real the root causes preventing progress to increase change, or even speed of change?

Companies are challenged more today than ever before to examine their business models during periods of declining profit margins. So, what holds companies back from real growth?

There are 3 root causes of poor sales performance:

1) Self-preservation– Where you want to hang on to your beliefs, opinions and defending your position. Defending one’s position removes all the options of being open minded.

2) Hanging On–Not trusting anything new. This is also known as supporting number one. You may even think that things will somehow get back to normal and this economy will improve. Do you really want to wait that long? Are you being led or are you being proactive? Playing the waiting game can be costly. You can end up finding yourself using the same old sales and marketing models in a world that has to buying already embraced a new approach.

3) Resistant to change– Immediately looking for failure or a reason to stay with the old. Remaining comfortable with existing habits, driven by fear of an unknown and not ready to adjust as you move through self-preservation and learning to “let go” of your turf.

How do you make the shift to higher performance in a price driven market? Here are some tips:

  • Get secure in yourself. Let go of old beliefs.
  • Look around for new evidence to change.
  • Believing in and embracing change.
  • Developing a team approach with interdependence as the core means to change the culture.
  • Working together as one unified team (front, middle and back end).
  • Developing a unique offering that differentiates your company to be driven by performance and never the status quo.
  •  Being accountable to each other in order to reach higher performance.

In short, by addressing these factors that lead to failure, you can save yourself from making the same mistakes again and again. By examining and honing your approach, you will find that you can accelerate the sales process and positively impact the bottom line.