How To Speed Up the Sales Process in a Competitive Market using the ”Drill-Down Method”

How to use Pain Versus Pain Indicators to Find More Sales Success

Often times sales people approach pain the wrong way. By pain, I am referring to the problems plaguing the organization. The trouble is most sales people are too quick to take action, and dive in too deep. Put simply, it’s too much too soon. They strike the tip of the iceberg, instead of going below the superficial layers.

Instead, consider what lies below the surface. This is where the emotion lies and is more effective. Strike here and you will be more likely to get the order. This is known figuratively as the “drill-down method pain versus pain indicators.”

So, what does this involve? Ask questions. Think who, what, where, when, why, etc. Breadth? Scope of problem? Once you’ve gathered this data, talk about the problem to determine a solution. Re-think your approach and you will find more success.