Eliminate The Pushdown To Purchasing

3 Key Phrases To Avoid Selling Against Price

Sales people work hard to reach a VP or Director level person and then after multiple attempts to get past the gatekeeper to reach the decision maker they get directed to purchasing… the price dungeon. If this happens to you or your sales people, find out why this happens and how to correct the problem.

This short video provides the key issues that cause immediate failure in sales people’s ability to execute… then sales people retreat and the sales initiative stops dead in its tracks. Please keep in mind, sales people as a whole hate cold calling. So this only fuels their belief.

Here’s 5 things you will learn to improve your sales performance:
1)      Not talking their language
2)      Differentiating yourself as a commodity
3)      Avoid sounding like a supplier
4)      Identify the key words that create an automatic push down to purchasing
5)      Learn how to unbundle the bad words from your sales pitch.