Key Steps How to Coach Sales People to Improve Performance

There are small to medium size companies where Presidents and Owners are actively involved in sales and sales people. They all suffer from the same issues of not understanding how to change the system – oftentimes there isn’t a real system in the first place. In these economic times when price pressures are increasing they don’t know where to begin to make change.

There are several challenges to overcome selling price

The first challenge is how to improve the sales process and bring about change when these leaders only know their experience to selling.

The second challenge is how to devote enough time to sales training and coaching when you are also handling other company issues that distract and disrupt progress.

The third challenge is motivation because most Presidents and Owners think that sales people will have the same intensity and dedication to make the sale and then get frustrated when there isn’t any proactive intensity to overcome the challenges and drive sales in this economy.

The fourth challenge is that leaders in these companies are confident they can change the situation. After all, the company got to the size it is without any help from the outside.

Solutions to selling against price
First understand what is needed to change the direction. Develop a systematic selling process that is more step by step with repeatability for success.

Build a structured reporting system that captures the right information to move the sale forward. This reporting system will provide the critical information to help coach and train the sales people.

Start having more meaningful conversations with sales people asking better questions and breaking down the barriers holding them back. Combining the reporting and coaching/training you now have a way of driving action.

All of this process takes discipline to spend the necessary tine and not get sidetracked with other issues impacting the company. The moment you break the system such as not having the weekly sales debriefing meeting you just gave them permission to not be accountable.

Sales resistance to change is part of the challenge
You will encounter resistance because they don’t want someone reviewing or scrutinizing their work. The question is do you want the future of your company relying on the status quo in this price sensitive marketplace?

The sales people must realize this is not flavor of the month as in the past. They will wait for you to slip back into your old habits of being distracted with other company issues and challenges. Once you begin to show inconsistency is when they will slip back into their comfort zone again.

Oftentimes, when I develop a new selling system and model the salespeople always tell me the president and/or owner has done or tried this before. Stay the course if you want lasting change. Decide if sales are the most important part of your focus or don’t start. It is not a part time job.