Sales Coach Shares His Secret to Improve Sales Effectiveness

Back End Impacts the Front End

More and more I see that the front end (sales) and the back end (production) impact the success of growing the business not just the front end. In today’s market, I see every day how it has a negative impact by not having both operate in unison to win market share.  No longer can you operate in silos because it requires interdependence to dominate and win market share.

Let me give you an example to illustrate my point. A sales person goes out works hard to win an account and production delivers the product or service late or doesn’t deliver what the customer expected… Let’s flip the situation. The sales person promises the customer a shorter ship date creating a strain on production therefore creating a late delivery or inferior product.

Why is this so important?

If you let this go on for a period of time, you create a negative culture with finger pointing.fingers-300x66

Here’s the real problem. Your competition will eat your lunch.  You begin to experience customer attrition. More importantly, you cannot dominate a market. This fits under the umbrella of “Customer Experience”.

Today the entire company must be focused on sales. The back end can have such a huge impact on sales. One of the processes I implement is a “New Customer Absorption Process”. This creates the mechanism to facilitate dialog between the respected departments to develop a strategy and implementation tactics.

How to begin improving sales effectiveness

The key here is change. People are resistant to change and are comfortable doing things the way they have always done it. The first step is to develop dialog between sales and the various departments – have both parties understand each side’s challenges based on reaching a common goal… dominating a market.

Communication is key to the process by enrolling everyone to take ownership. Currently the back-end does not see themselves as part of sales.

With the group:

Create the need to change – importance and desire

Set objectives to improve the customer experience

Identify the problem areas within your operation (Front-end and back –end)

Create and prioritize the list in order of what will have the biggest impact

Set benchmarks and deadline and measure progress

To create a successful process you must breakdown the silos and operate as one unit.