How to Improve Sales Situations with One Very Powerful Word


Using “typically” can improve sales outcome

By using the word “typically” you can break down resistance before it even begins during a sales call. This is a very powerful word and can be used in many situations that will create the outcome you desire in many different situations in the sales process.

The first time I was introduced to this word was when a sales person was looking for a donation to an organization his company was sponsoring.

Here is the actual statement. Typically people have been giving donations of $500 or more. As you can imagine, I wasn’t thinking $500 it was more like $100. So it made me FEEL cheap. I learned the importance of using this word in the context of selling to make people feel comfortable or uncomfortable… creating an emotional and engaging situation for the prospect/customer.

What does the word typically do for you? It automatically communicates that this has been done before. Even more so it comes across as a more casual situation…non-threatening because the ice has already been broken. Using this word demonstrates to the person you are talking to that they are not alone in the decision or situation… social acceptance.

Using typically to change an outcome during a sales process

Let’s say, you are at the end of your presentation and you want an action to take place. Do you simply ask for this action or make the prospect feel it is okay to take action… I’m not alone here and this is a natural step.