Improve Sales Coaching by Eliminating Key Barriers to Sales Performance


B to B companies today are looking for ways to increase sales performance and they don’t understand the difference between coaching and preaching. Oftentimes, business owners and sales management tell their sales people what management wants but rarely demonstrates or works to improve the sales process.

What management lacks is being down in the trenches. Management coaches from the arm chair much like the clergy preaches from the pulpit. Management recites techniques and fundamentals from the past and one day sales training or internet articles that hits the mark on what the key barrier is to improve sales.

Here are 6 key barriers to improve sales performance

Barrier number 1— offer real world situations

Don’t just talk the game but go show them how in real world situations. It requires actual one-on-one demonstration. Reciting a fundamental or theories is not enough. Working from the arm chair puts too much faith and hope into the equation. This usually becomes the case with sales people report to the president or owner who is involved with all areas of the company.

Barrier number 2 — Provide actual “how to” examples to follow

Understand how fundamentals work in the real world applied to every conceivable situation. Give examples of failure and success. Provide solid “how to” overcome obstacles and provide a road map of tactics that work. Practice with them. Even record how they sound – shock them by having them hear themselves.

Barrier number 3 — Get down in the trenches

Spend time in the field and see the interaction of your sales people and how they handle situations. Examine things like: what they are saying; what did the miss; what process they are using; how do they react to an objection or even how do they handle or breakdown the objection and most importantly what questions did they ask to probe for pain?

Barrier number 4 — Provide confidence by your actions to make it happen

Take away any fear that any given sales person has. Demonstrate then let them do the next sales call. Observe and teach… much like pro football coaches who review the tapes on the last game. Provide real world feedback.

Barrier number 5 — Determine what is holding the sales person back personally

Strip away the personal issues for each sales person. Sales people are all haunted by something which is always rooted in some kind of failure

Barrier number 6 — Learn new skills

The game is no longer played the same way. Go out and learn new fundamentals. Find case studies of best practices that work in today’s world. Then apply these new fundamentals in a real world situation so you can teach what you have learned by doing it… not just reciting.

Examine each of these barriers and where your sales team is within each barrier.  Then work on each one until each sales person has reached a level of “top performance”. Caution: You must get out from behind the desk and leave the arm chair coaching behind.